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Saṃyama means allowing oneself to be centered on one purpose in order to discover all the possibilities in life. It represents the last three steps of Patanjali’s eight-fold path put together: dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), samadhi (union).


Saṃyama Studio was made to unite yoga and mindfulness practitioners in the heart of Dumaguete City through the first-ever studio dedicated to this practice and other related practices. Our intention is to make Saṃyama a home for a happy, healthy, and light-seeking community - to make the best version of our community members easily accessible through yoga and community.



Paola Betita Tan

Having once been a social entrepreneur, twice a bar & restaurant owner, and a part-time enabler of entrepreneurs, Paola found the core of living in yoga and meditation amidst the different layers of her life. Developing anxiety in 2016 prompted her to take her 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training to transform her practice and focus on her mental health. That's when she fell in love with the idea that yoga must be introduced and accessible to all - especially in this digital age. Her greatest intention as an instructor is to share the gift of yoga and mindfulness with everyone she meets starting with Dumaguete City. She finds great fulfilment in being a witness to the beginning of others' yoga journey.

Loise Lumbania

Loise learned about yoga ten years ago as a Spa Therapist in a luxury hotel and spa in Boracay where she was privileged to learn and practice yoga as part of her daily job routine. It was love at first practice. It was because of her eagerness to practice that her teacher MoChing Yip encouraged her to teach and deepen her practice. Loise moved back to Dumaguete and now more than ever she is more delighted to share the love of yoga to the community.


Laura Pearce

Laura is passionate about sharing the gift of yoga and believes it can be practiced by everyone regardless of ability, to create a more peaceful and harmonious world within, and around us. Inspired by nature and her love for the ocean, she combines these with her yoga knowledge to develop a deeper sense of well being, connectedness and understanding. Laura completed her teacher training at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in India and is also a certified Fly High Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Scuba Diving Instructor.


Abay Markus

Abay Markus began his martial arts study in 1979 in Kloten, Switzerland under Sifu Suny Kamay. From 1985 to 1986, he traveled with Sifu Suny Kamay to Taiwan and followed him to his new home in 1989 which led him to the Philippines. Abay Markus started his Tai Chi training (Taiji) in 1995. He has been teaching the Tai Chi 24 form, Tai Chi 42 form, and Tai Chi sword 42 form since then. In 2001, he - participated at the 7th Zheng Zhou (郑州市) International Shaolin WuShu Festival in China.
Students at Saṃyama Studio will first learn the Tai Chi 24 form (aka Beijing 24 form) in combination with Chi Kung and some selected SKEMA energy exercises in Markus' classes.


Ken Navarro

As a former school teacher, Ken has always dedicated herself to teaching. She has also discovered joy in music as a vocalist for a local band. In yoga, she found in herself presence, patience, allowance, self-love and much more. Ken aims to lead a fluid practice with focus on breath-initiated movement, safe alignment, and purposeful sequencing, providing students with a practice that they can embody in their daily lives off the mat. Her foremost goal as a teacher is to share the practice in a way that is accessible to all: to meet people where they are, as they are.


Sumie Nara

Sumie has been influenced by yoga since 2005. She undertook two yoga teacher trainings in India, hosted a yoga retreat in Indonesia and at World Heritage Sites in Japan, and a Japan camp event. Her mission is to provide healing and a space for vitality where people from countries all over the world gather in order to regain themselves through the company of heart-warming people while practicing yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Her deepest love is to share the beauty and magic of yoga.

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Alicia Kim Daniel

Alicia, born and raised in Korea, found her way to Negros Island. As a child. she had gotten into a car accident and began to experience chronic back problems. She tried different treatments to relieve the pain.  While searching, she found Pilates and decided to dig deeper.  Through Pilates, she has learned how to align her spine and strengthen her core muscles that were essential to relieving the back pains. Now, Alicia wants to share her knowledge to anyone who may benefit from the practice. She recently completed her IAOTH & CPD certified Pilates Teacher Training course.

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Papat Lozano

Papat stumbled upon yoga as a way to stretch on rest days between workout days but soon discovered it was a great way to disconnect from the rush and anxieties of the urban life in Manila and, in turn, reconnect with oneself. After moving back to Dumaguete as lockdowns were imposed, his yoga practice deepened and cultivated in him a realization of one's inherent worth and value regardless of capabilities and limitations. This realization is what pushed him to jump on the first opportunity to be trained towards becoming a yoga teacher, so that he too can help spread this sense of inherent completeness to others.


Caramel Mora

Caramel Mora is 33 years old and was born here in Negros Island. When she was 19, she began her journey with a friend sailing around the world living in many different countries until 2017. She grew curious about yoga after witnessing practices of different yogis in her journey. She then decided to take her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India and is a registered Yoga Alliance Instructor. She is taken by the discipline and now understands that she has found "her way". Her hope is to spread the knowledge and benefits of yoga in the Philippines where in many parts it is still a mystery.


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